Breaking Up With A Friend Is Harder Than Breaking Up With A Significant Other | Thought Catalog

Breaking Up With A Friend Is Harder Than Breaking Up With A Significant Other | Thought Catalog.


I’m turning 24, yuck.

It’s been almost two weeks since I started my internship and I’m liking it more every day. I’m so happy I took the chance at this opportunity and didn’t let myself run scared from it like I know I’ve done at times in the past.

I feel a little more confident with my little tasks each time I complete one. My only mishap really was the copying machine. Jesus, you would’ve thought they sent it back from the future. I used at least 30 trees screwing up the first half, who knew European paper isn’t the same size as American? Not me. And I know half of you didn’t either, so don’t even try judging.

All in all, it’s been a great experience so far and I’m really looking forward to the next few months and not wishing them away as much as I was, which I was doing mostly because I miss everyone and my pup back home. However, the homesick feeling has subsided, I don’t miss Ohio at all… I sure do love this city.

On another note, my birthday is just a few days away on the 5th. I’m a little sick to be turning 24, yuck. But I am excited to celebrate this weekend and next weekend, simply because I can!

The greatest love, Manhattan

To say my first couple days in NYC were atrocious would be an understatement. In defense of this magnificent city, the city itself was most certainly not the problem.

I’ll start with the second I walked out of LaGuardia airport, hauling two massive suitcases. Before I tell you what I did, keep in mind that most of the time I am a fairly cautious person. The instructions I’ve had and followed every other time I’ve visited the city is to walk out of the airport, head to the taxi line, tell them upper west side and wait. So, back to the moment I walked out of the airport doors, a foreign older man walks up to me and asks if I need a taxi. Looking back, I think my decision was formed by combination of being caught off guard, not wanting to haul those damn suitcases any further, and my never being able to say “no” nature. He asks me where I’m going and gives me a flat rate, since it was relatively close to what the normal taxi ride costs I say yes. He grabs one of my suitcases and begins walking towards what I believed to be one of the taxis. Nope, he keeps walking passed the taxis, crossing the pick-up/drop-off line, heading towards the parking garage. My stomach immediately falls out of my butt and onto the pavement, but at this point he’s carrying my luggage, what was I do to? So, I follow into the parking garage and we stop at a silver sedan that I believe has one of those NYC drivers sticker’s (so, I think ok I’m fine), he pops the trunk and oh-so-not-carefully begins tossing in my luggage. At this point the thoughts flying through my mind are filled with stories of girls being kidnapped by sex trafficking creeps, where the girls are drugged and passed along to the highest bidder. Still, I don’t know how to say “never mind, I’m going to go get in the taxi line to prevent being drugged and/or raped and/or murdered.” Reluctantly, I get in the back seat and text my brother, “a man came up to me and asked if I needed a taxi, I know I’m dumb, but I went with him, I’m now in the backseat and we’re headed to what I hope to be your apartment, he has one of those “NYC passengers rights’” stickers on the back of the passenger seat, so I’m safe right?” My brother’s response, “oh god, you probably shouldn’t have done that, keep me updated with where he’s driving”. I want to burst into tears but somehow hold it in. After the longest 30 minutes of my life, I arrive safe and sound but trembling, at my brother’s apartment. Needless to say, some lessons (and usually most of mine) are learned the hard way.

The next morning after my brother had gone off to work, I awake and call my mom and immediately burst into tears, this went on for almost every phone call to her for the first three days. The first day, I think it was mostly because I was still shaken up from the ride from the airport and because it had set in I wouldn’t be seeing my mom or my dog, two of my best friends, for over four months. The longest time I’ve spent away from home in my entire life.

I’ve since been able to keep my composure almost 100% of the time. The most incredible part of being here is that I’m reminded again and again my immense love for this city. The anonymity you feel is indescribable. Even on those first few grueling days, I found that when I went out to explore the city, all of the melancholic and crappy feelings I was experiencing disappeared.

Happy New Year!

I don’t even remember what my “resolution” was for this year, but I can say with confidence it would have never been what has actually happened for me in the past year. I’ve been forced to learn lessons most of us want to avoid and let go of people most of us never imagine letting go of. With that said, I truly believe going through all of that, allowed me to be where am I today. I know the new year is going to continue to be new lessons and new experiences and what better way to spend the first four months than in the greatest city in the world.

This time last year I could have never fathomed what has transpired now. I had taken last year off from school to figure out myself (mostly) and what in the hell I really wanted to do with my life. I always knew I loved fashion in this obsessive, Carrie Bradshaw, sort of way but never knew how to incorporate it into a career without the obvious designer dream that every girl has. So, once I realized I wanted to be behind the scenes in the industry, PR/Marketing, Visual, Production, etc. I enrolled myself back into school working towards a degree in Communication. Broad enough to give me wiggle room but also refined where I am still learning something useful.

First best moment of 2012: receiving an email from an enormous international management company requesting an interview for an internship I had applied for.

Second best moment of 2012: BEING SELECTED FOR THE INTERNSHIP!

I have never really believed those people who say your dreams can come true. I mean, your real DREAMS, things you think are so far out of reach, you just hope that one day you get close enough to think to yourself, “this could happen”, but deep down know your chances are slim. The two loves of my life, besides the obvious dog and family, are fashion and New York City. When I began applying for these internships, I completed them with the same sentiment, these are long shots and I am just doing this for fun, because why else? A girl can dream, right? Well, turns out… you can dream AND it can come to life.

Obtaining the interview was astonishing to me. I thought to myself, what could they possibly see in my very much lacking of any experience, resume. Then I thought to myself, who cares?! I got an interview! Absolutely on my own, having zero connections with this company, not even knowing anyone who works or had interned there. All I knew of were the extremely talented people of the industry they represented.

I move to NYC from measly ole’ Ohio, in less than a week to begin working towards a dream I never thought possible. Take it from someone who’s been there, you can go from an unimaginable low point in your life to believing in yourself and not worrying about what others may think of you. I’m almost 24 and these are and need to be the most selfish years of your life. You need to find what makes you happy, once you find it, achieving your dreams seem infinitely accessible.