Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw aka God


Like most girls, I owe credit to Sarah Jessica Parker for making me fall in love with fashion and New York City. I have seen every episode of Sex & The City at least 100 times. Hands down my favorite show, ever, ever , ever. I had to post some of the most beloved pictures in honor of her and how something as silly as a TV show can change your life. By making you realize what you are truly passionate about. I fell in love with NYC the minute I stepped off the plane for the first time. Everything anyone has ever told you is true. There is no place like it. I dream of the days when I will be living in my own crowded apartment and sacrificing food for Vogue magazine.

Style on a Budget


Currently a college student, I understand the struggle between wanting to wear all the latest pieces and trends but not having the money to do so. So, here is one outfit I’ve put together, complete with accessories, for only approximately $120! These are great pieces for the price but also in that they can all be used and intertwined with different outfits!

Every piece is from Forever21.

1. Striped Rib Knit Top – $19.80
2. Metal Trim Chain Strap Crossbody – $24.80
3. Draped Chain Swag Necklace – $10.80
4. Color-Blocked Popcorn Chain Bracelets – $10.80
5. Colored Oval Studs – $2.80
6. Polished Trim Platform Pumps – $32.80
7. Coated Waist Skater Skirt – $15.80